Raspberry Pi + Gameboy = Awesome

This is just an initial post on my Gameboy project with some teaser pics. Eventually projects will be listed on the projects page with links to individual logs.

So there is a lot of room in the original Gameboy. I sacrificed an old Blackberry and I’m thinking about integrating the optical trackpad into the B button, and if I can figure out how to interface with the BB Keyboard, then I think I will add that as well as a slide out thing. I’ll probably jam a webcam into the thing as well as there is tons of room. My plan is to maintain the gameboy look entirely on the rear and sides, so it looks like I’m holding a gameboy at first glance. I think the screen will be sized up from a 2.5″ to a 3.5″ and the power LED will be removed to make space.DSC_0042 DSC_0073

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