Expected Summer projects I plan to post to the site.

Hi guys,

I have a very ambitious set of projects for this summer and I am going to try to get my experiences and findings logged here for the whole world to learn and collaborate on.

Expected projects include:

– Re-engineering a cheep T-862++ rework station to run automated reflow profiles and add greater control and monitoring by introducing a SoC along with a different micro-controller to add a wonderful PC based user interface and much better temperature regulation with added thermocouples and advanced PID tuning.

– Teaching myself Verilog by creating an Intel 4004 microprocessor on an FPGA. I’m familiar with VHDL, but it seems that Verilog is much more popular. This project may be expanded to include the Intel 4001, 4002, and 4003 if I get really ambitious. The purpose of this project is for me to master Verilog and to better understand the microprocessor.

– General 3D printing projects. My main printer needs to be tuned and calibrated, and my secondary printer is being modified to print food products (edible sugar sculptures, etc). I also plan on creating a DIY CNC mill for PCB fabrication and custom aluminum parts.

– Creating an inventory system for maximizing space by cataloging my tools and parts and making a note of where they are stored. I really like the PartKeepr project (http://www.partkeepr.org/) and would like to tie in data sheets and possibly run it from a Raspberry PI with a touch display.

– A self hosted cloud computing system that focuses on keeping data in my hands with a high level of security.

– And much more!

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