Partkeepr + Raspberry Pi

An update to this article has been posted in my blog.

Raspberry Pi Partkeepr server update

I have not found any good tutorials around the internet about setting up Partkeepr ( on a Raspberry Pi, so I thought I would make one. I also wanted to make an image available for others to start quickly. As an electronics hobbyist I have thousands of parts that I have accumulated over the years and organizing them has gotten a bit out of control. This is hopefully the beginning of a new organized part inventory. I hope to make my database accessible remotely for guest as part of a local part sharing service.

Anyways, here is my Raspberry Pi image with a clean database and just categories created. The file is 1.5GB and unzips to about 15GB. If you want to throw it on an SD card without resizing the partitions you will need a 16GB card. After writing the image to a card and booting your Raspberry Pi, simply point any computers on the local network to http://<raspberry pi IP address>/frontend/.


Ok, WordPress keeps deleting things I write, so a lot of information is missing.

Default Partkeeper user/pass – admin/admin

Default Raspberry Pi user/pass – pi/toor

Default mySQL database user/pass – root/toor


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